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Making this trip from Oman to the North Cape is a huge challenge I have set myself. I am excited, curious, driven and it gives me tremendous joy and anticipation, something to look forward to, to plan and ponder about in the next 14 months. But I have added an extra layer on top of this remarkable trip. This is my ultimate attempt to create awareness for MS and raise funds for MS research. I am personally affected by this disease which is slowly killing one of my closest friends. He is wheelchair-bound and loosing critical body functions bit by bit. It’s hard for me to watch his health deteriorate and there is nothing I can do to help him. His current state, progressive MS, is too far advanced for HSTC-treatment. AHSCT (also called HSCT) stands for autologous hematopoietic stem cell therapy. This treatment uses stem cell transplantation which are present in the bone marrow and in the blood, the so-called hematopoietic cells.  The purpose of the AHSCT treatment is “to reset” the immune system so that inflammatory cells no longer attack the brain and/or the spinal cord, as is the case in people with an active form of MS. There is so much research to be done to hopefully find a much-needed cure for this disease. So there for money is needed, and lots of it! Fundraising is my way to contribute to this cause. I hope you will help me to reach my goal! Do you own a company and are you willing to help me in exchange for some exposure? Visit the sponsorship-page

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The account number is: NL61 INGB 0661662888